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Welcome to Gamers of Winter Convention 2012!

January 14th, 15th and 16th 2012!

On the left are links to the schedule of events, convention rules and other neat stuff. Feel free to poke around the site and come out to meet new players and try new games or bring your group/buddies/pals and play old games! Or both! Below you'll find admission information,the pre-registration link, flyer downloads and t-shirts/hat links! Enjoy!

Admission and Location Information

Convention admission is $6.00 per day, many events are free or a nominal charge.
Bring your badge with you from your last attended convention from us and take $1/day off the onsite purchase price! (and for both days that's two dollars... hey - two or three dollars is two or three dollars...)
This year's location is the Capital Area Moose Lodge 107, 6 Verbeke Street, Marysville, PA 17053-1431.
Doors open at 10:00AM and close at 11:00PM each day for Saturday and Sunday. For Monday the 16th the Moose Lodge has requested our hours be 10:00AM until 6:00PM.

If you have GM'd or Volunteered for us before make sure you visit the GM and Volunteers Page to see the changes for the Winter Convention.


We have two versions of our flyer for your FREE downloading pleasure! Feel free to download and print/email/distribute/enjoy etc!

This Winter's large single flyer image is available for Free Download!

This Winter's smaller flyer, four flyers to a page, is available for Free Download!

Shirts etc!

The shirts shown below have the smaller twelve sided breast pocket area design and the oval large full sized design on the back. We might not have a lot available (or any handy) at the convention... If you come in for your first day of registration with your receipt for either shirt or the hat from the zazzle site we'll gladly give you an extra dollar off of the daily admission fee if you remind/ask us to. The dollar off applies for any style you purchase the image on, whehter it's what is shown below or a hoodie or a value t-shirt etc. Click on the image to view in the zazzle site. The dollar off doesn't stack with itself but does stack with bringing in a previous badge per the "bring in your previous badge from us deal". Does not apply to preregistration.

Gamers of Winter 2012 Front Breast Pocket and Back shirt
Gamers of Winter 2012 Front Breast Pocket and Back by PocketChangeProHBGPA
Browse Zazzle for another

Gamers of Winter 2012 Front and Back shirt
Gamers of Winter 2012 Front and Back by PocketChangeProHBGPA
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Gamers of Winter 2012 hat
Gamers of Winter 2012 by PocketChangeProHBGPA
Browse other Gamers Hats


A word on parking availability around the Moose Lodge:
There is a four hour limit for parking in the public square parking lot directly at the main entrance to the Moose Lodge. How this is enforced is out of of my control. However there is plenty of parking on the streets and a public parking lot near enough that is a very short walk compared to parking at any other convention I've ever attended. I know parking has been an issue for some people, no one likes it when they're told that the police are marking tires etc. I cannot help that there has been an issue with that in the past but free parking near the Moose is available and it only takes a few minutes to walk the distance. Parking at other than the square is still generally a shorter walk than the convention center/hotel setup in Columbus Ohio or even comparable to/less than the Farm Show parking in the big main lot.
My suggestion would be on day one to park in the main square, get your badge and then find a parking spot/area you like at your convenience. If you've been to the Moose before and are familiar with the parking around Marysville I'd suggest parking at an alternative spot first so the newcomers can park in the square before getting badges/oriented and re-parking.
Thanks for your patience with that issue,