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A Special Welcome to our Special Guests!

Mark Jacobs

Author Mark Paul Jacobs resides in lovely Dauphin, Pennsylvania. He also enjoys fishing the Canadian north, poker, and annoying his wife. His most notable work so far is the hard science fiction novel: The Yaakmen of Tyrie which took nearly 20 years to complete. He is also quite proud of his chilling novelette with the provocative title: The Watchers from within Moments Revealed, an almost universally well reviewed work and soon to be written into a screenplay, suitable for an ‘Outer Limits’(TM) episode. These and several other works are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, and The Yaakmen of Tyrie is available in paperback at Amazon and via

Mark is currently working on a movie screenplay tentatively called Stain which is a gritty murder conspiracy based in Central Pennsylvania similar to the movie ‘Fargo’ or ‘Reservoir Dogs’.

Mark is willing and eager to talk to anyone about the writing process and independent publishing.

Mark’s Smashwords page!
Mark’s author Facebook page!
Please follow Mark’s tweets @MarkPaulJacobs

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