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Welcome to Pocket Change Productions!

Pocket Change Productions (PCP) is dedicated to engendering a creative outlet for theater and film artists. Although PCP projects are generally commercial endeavors, not all projects run by PCP are done on a for profit basis.

Note: if you receive an unsolicted email ending with our domain name the email has likely been "spoofed" (look up the term). We don't solicit or send out spam. Every once in a while I get a bunch of "remove me from your mailing list emails". We don't have mailing lists, we don't send out junk mail or spam.

On the left are links for navigating the site, feel free to look around.

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"Babar the Jihadi" Trailer:

"Babar the Jihadi is currently available at Createspace and on Amazon.

"Some Kind of Justice" Trailer:

"Some Kind of Justice" is currently available for DVD purchase through your choice of listing, Createspace.