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Our Various Projects!

Currently our projects break down into three main types, Photography, Full Length DVD Movies and Live Events.


Just published four calendars:
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They are being published as a fundraiser for Pocket Change Productions next independent film project.

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Full length DVD Movies

"Some Kind of Justice", completed in 2006, a low-budget psycho-drama! Suggested "R" Rating for nudity and language etc.

"Babar the Jihadi", shot in 2008, should be available in Spring 2009. A lovely Jihadi plies his trade among the gullible in this mostly modernized version of Molierre's timeless classic "Tartuffe".

"Sword and Sandal Homage", yes it's a working title... First script is 100 pages, and yes the sequel is already written. Once we have our locations locked down we'll proceed with casting call and production etc.

Live Events

Gamers of Winter Convention 2012 - a FUN time in the depths of Winter for Gamers!

Gamers of Summer Convention 2011 - a FUN time in the hot summertime!

Gamers of Winter Convention 2011 - a FUN time in the depths of Winter for Gamers!

Gamers of Summer Convention 2010 - a FUN time for all when Summer breaks out!

Gamers of Winter Convention 2009, a fun gaming convention located in Harrisburg, PA!

Origins Game Convention 2009 Film Room, a fun free event run on a volunteer basis for the Origins Game Convention annually held in Columbus, OH!

Gamers of Summer Convention 2009 - a FUN time in the Summer for Gamers!

Gamers of Winter Convention 2010 - a FUN time in the depths of Winter for Gamers!

Projects Under Consideration

If you like indy film and stuff feel free to shove money at us with this nifty paypal button: